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To say Alice was surprised was an understatement. She blinked at the other girl a moment, momentarily struggling to come up with a proper response. Finally, she settled on, “…thanks, but…it’s really not as bad as it sounds. I don’t care for him, either. I’m much happier spending time with my older sister anyways.”

"It doesn’t make it any less unfortunate."  Eleria said in a gentle tone, one that strangely enough didn’t contain any sort of pity.  She, herself, knew she had been fortunate that her father loved her as much as he did.  Without a mother, Devil was all she had. 

"But it’s good to have someone."


He listened attentively as she responded, nodding at her quirked eyebrow and her question.

"It does, actually."

He reached over to place a hand on her shoulder.

"You fell in love with his soul, not his body. It’s a beautiful thing, and I thank you for allowing me the privilege of knowing that beauty."

A second eyebrow joined the first in rising as Rylan patted her shoulder.  She wasn’t entirely certain what exactly the man had wanted in the first place.  Peculiar questions to put to a stranger in her opinion. 

"You’re welcome?"

Eye of the Tiger



"Are you from…around here?" Alice asked, blinking. The other girl was…wearing very odd attire. Simplistic, though it was pretty in its own odd way.

"I think I may have went the wrong way and gotten myself lost…"

So she was just as lost as Eleria.  The half-dragoness wasn’t entirely sure if that made her feel better or worse that she wasn’t alone in being confused about this strange new place.  

Shaking her head Eleria smiled a bit crookedly.  ”I’m afraid not.  I’m…I’m just as lost as you are it seems.”

Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


He nodded at her words, chewing thoughtfully on his lower lip for a minute as he stewed over them.

She didn’t seem surprised by his question - though he had no idea if that was a good thing or not - nor did she seem to be discouraging him to come with her.

But she wasn’t encouraging it either.

"Eleria, danger has been an active part of my life since the moment you entered it, but I can’t for an instant complain about it or contemplate changing it."

He sighed, raking a hand through his curls as he scratched lightly at his scalp before quietly going on.

"I made a promise to your mother that I would get you safely home. I won’t break that promise to her if I can help it."

She turned her amber eyes on him, watching for a long silent moment.  Seline had known she was going to her death, long before it had happened.  Why else would she make Eli promise to see her home safely.  She could hardly deny one of her mother’s last wishes. 

Eleria finally bowed her head in submission and nodded.  She wasn’t sure how long she could keep her grief at bay with him around.  She didn’t want to burden him with the dark emotions that rolled deep within her heart like a restless sea.

"Let’s go," She murmured softly, turning to leave.  "We’ll work out disguises before we leave the woods."

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"My father and I don’t really have a relationship, more like. He’s either traveling or in his study. He has tea with Lorina occasionally, and visits Edith at her boarding school. It makes sense. They’re proper ladies."

"I’m just the inconvenient daughter."

Not that the concept was a strange thing to Eleria.  She knew it happened, even though her relationship with her father was almost stifling.  

"That’s unfortunate that he thinks that way, Alice.  I’m sorry." 



"… little."

She crouches down so she can look him in the eye, arms crossed over her knees.  ”How are you?”


"Hello, little one."




"it’s ‘Take Your Child to Work’ Day"


"Hmph. I’d be shocked if my father would so much as come out of his parlor and bid me ‘good day’."

"You don’t have a good relationship, I take it." 

"it’s ‘Take Your Child to Work’ Day"

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Eye of the Tiger



Where…am I?

It was a thought that crossed her mind far too often as of late. Alice wandered the odd cobblestone road, gazing around at the unfamiliar territory. It looked almost like the Clocktower Plaza, yet distinctly, unnervingly different.

The farther she progressed, the more anxiety seemed to churn in her stomach. Had she accidentally stumbled into another country in Wonderland? Was this even still Wonderland?

Wairly, the girl proceeded down the road…right up until she spied the form of another person.

"Uh…excuse me?"

Eleria had just finished dusting off her skirt and had only barely located the hat that had went flying when she had tripped.   At the sound of a voice she hurriedly crammed the hat on her head, hiding the small horns that curled over her skull.  

Wide amber eyes peered around before fixing on the girl that was probably near her age.    Not a threat.  She looked just as confused as Eleria felt though.  


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