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Arranged Marriage


He nodded, shifting into a more comfortable sitting position as he prepared himself to start talking.

But where to start?

He started chewing on his lower lip as he thought for a moment, his eyes momentarily shifting downwards as he tried to figure out where he was going to begin this story.

"W-was there anywhere that… That you wanted me to start?"

Where to start.  That was a good question.  Thrown together by political design, they had little time to accustom themselves to each other.  Eleria wasn’t entirely sure where she should start with him.  For all her social graces, they had been designed to keep people at arms length.  

Finally she spoke up quietly.  ”Tell me about where you grew up.  What your childhood was like.”  She offered a tentative almost shy smile.  ”I’d imagine it was a lot different than mine.”

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"You can do whatever you’d like to me in punishment if I break it. Though I’m going to try my hardest to keep it."

"I’ll think about it while I make those brownies."




"Hmmm?  What is it Eli?"

"If I promise not to eat all of them in one sitting…"


"…will you make me some brownies?"

"Hmm…can you keep that promise in the presence of said brownies?"



"Eleria, dear heart?"

"Hmmm?  What is it Eli?"

Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


Eli carefully led Eleria past the gates and onto the busy streets beyond, the couple easily blending into the crowd that surrounded them. It was apparent that they weren’t being followed or that anyone suspected something was different about them.

Eli resisted the urge to stoop down and tell Eleria of their success so far, knowing that now wasn’t the time or place. He was also wary of putting himself any physically closer to her than necessary, wanting to give her whatever time she needed to figure out her feelings.

After all, their lives were in danger and they had more important things to think about than a possibly-budding romance.

It wasn’t until they were almost through the town that Eli first picked up on the signs that someone was watching them. And closely.

Eleria’s ears caught a hint of someone moving swiftly down the street before Eli was pulled away from her, an unfamiliar hand on her wrists.  

Two rough looking men had appeared seemingly out of nowhere to accost the pair.  A knife pricked Eli’s side, a clear indication that any wrong move on his part would end up with him bleeding on the cobblestones.  No weapon was held to Eleria for all that she was momentarily immobilized. 

"If you would come with us?" The man at Eli’s spoke softly.  "I knew you’d agree."

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Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


He nodded at her words, watching her as she carefully tied the bandage around her eyes before checking to make sure it was secure and that her horns were still hidden in her hair before gently taking her arm in his as they set out towards the town in question.

They were mostly silent as they traveled, giving the empath plenty of time to think about their situation and where they could possibly end up, but when it came right down to it, he knew the decision ultimately lay with her.

Even if that meant he walked away from the woman who could easily be the love of his life.

It wasn’t long before they passed through the farm town, while another hour or so after that had them approaching the larger town Eleria had spoken of earlier.

Leaning over to gently murmur to her, he was careful to keep his expression light. “There are a couple of guards manning the main entrance to the town, but it doesn’t feel like they’re overly hostile.”

She shifted slightly, feeling him bend down and not entirely certain how to react to his closeness.  She needed to get through this crisis first before she could decide on her feelings for Eli.  She fought from nodding.  After all if she were blind, she would never have learned the nearly instinctive gesture. 

"Then we go in as if we are normal travelers," She muttered in return, even as she kept her careful steps forward.  "If we stop or detour away we’ll look suspicious." 

The guards themselves looked to be bored and not particularly alert.  They didn’t seem to be looking for anything or anybody specific.  Even as Eli and Eleria passed closer they hardly afforded them a second glance, and once in the busy streets beyond it’d be hard to find the pair again.

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Arranged Marriage


Keeping his smile gentle as she placed her hand in his, he scooted just a touch closer to her before bending to softly kiss her knuckles, his eyes still trained on her delicate features even as she kept her eyes on the floor.

"You don’t have to sound to reticent about it, Eleria." He teased before giving her knuckles another kiss and letting her hand go, not surprised when it slowly retreated and her arms wrapped around her legs once more.

"Would it be easier if-if I started?"

He couldn’t see it, but beneath her dress, her tail had curled around herself as well.  It was a decidedly defensive pose.  She wasn’t entirely sure of herself here. 

Would it be easier if-if I started?

Starting to share who they were, what they were.  Eleria wasn’t entirely sure she could reach out to him just yet.  She had been taught for so long to hide from strangers. 

She finally nodded, her voice soft.  ”Please.”

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