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Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


He smiled softly at her, his fingers gently tracing across her cheeks, and he could tell she was blushing somewhat by the warmer feel of her skin.

"Don’t apologize, Eleria." He murmured in reply. "You clearly needed the rest."

As she encouraged him to get some rest of his own though, he finally gave in, shifting until he was stretched out next to her, his hands underneath his head as a sort of pillow as he gazed up at the stars for a moment, his eyes growing heavy as sleep slowly started to claim him.

 Eleria’s blush deepened as he touched the blush against her cheek, heating her skin further.  She was still confused as to how to deal with him and she doubted clarity would come quickly.  

She sighed as he stretched out beside her, her eyes watching him as his eyes slowly closed and he drifted off.  He looked vulnerable this way, free of the cares and fears that pursued them day after day.  In a way it made her sad.  She had dragged him into this. 

With a sigh she turned to look out at the surrounding countryside, her ears and eyes alert for trouble.  She needed to think on that, not on her confused feelings.

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He hissed in a small breath at the nip to his ear, chuckling again despite himself at the action, knowing there wasn’t much more she could do given that he still held her hands captive in his.

"Not that I would aim any shouts at you anyway…" He replied as she started to pull away before turning his head to gently capture her lips with his again.

She laughed around the gentle kiss, her eyes closing in contented pleasure.  ”Accidental shouts then,” She amended against his lips. 

She knew that the trip would take a bit to organize, but it wouldn’t be long before they were away for a weekend away from their lives. 

//I have determined that Eleria’s D&D class would be Bard.  She’s artistic, charming, has a bit of magic and is very subtly manipulative.  And potentially knows how to shoot somebody with deadly accuracy.


Arranged Marriage


He looked over to her again, his brow furrowed slightly in concentration as he opened his mouth to speak, though immediately shut it again a moment later before returning his gaze to his hands.

After another moment - and a deeply in-drawn breath - he tried again, his voice soft and a touch hopeful as he finally asked what was suddenly on his mind.

"If I asked you to dance with me, would you want to?"

"If you asked, I’d say yes." Her tone contained her usual quiet dignity for all that the blush in her cheeks darkened a slightly and turned the delicate pointed eartips a rosy pink.  

He was struggling, the awkwardness easy to see for the pair of them and Eleria was doing what she could to dispel that feeling.  She didn’t like all the nervousness. 

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Arranged Marriage


He couldn’t help a gentle laugh of his own at that, his eyes lifting slightly towards her and he could feel his blush deepen some as their gazes briefly met before he once more dropped his eyes to study his hands.

"Never say never, Eleria." He replied, his tone warm and even a touch teasing. "You’ve never seen me dance before."

"I’m sure that you dance just fine," Eleria brushed the cobalt blue hair out of her eyes and behind an ear.  Not that it stayed there for long. 

"I have little doubt as to your grace and skill."  She smiled, her cheeks still that pale rose color.  "More awkwardness couldn’t stem from something like that."

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Arranged Marriage


His smile widened a touch as he watched her, though after a moment he realized that he was probably making her uncomfortable with his staring and he returned his gaze to his hands, a faint flush of his own heating up his cheeks.

"I’m sorry…" He murmured, fidgeting slightly with a button on his vest. "I-I’m not trying to make this any more awkward than it already is, I promise you."

She had tired to keep a lid on it.  He had the right to stare after all, now that she was his wife but it still made her very uncomfortable.  She would likely never get used to being watched, not when the watchers usually meant trouble. 

She laughed slightly at his apology, her voice amused and gentle.  ”I doubt it could get much more awkward than it already is, Eli.” 

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Arranged Marriage


He was quiet as he studied the horns that gracefully came from the top of her head, careful to keep his expression as neutral as possible for a moment as he contemplated how he felt about them.

It would seem that he wasn’t the only one in this marriage who could easily be labeled a freak by society then.

They were… Different, that was for sure, but not in a bad way. It was merely strange seeming them, but Eli had already decided that they certainly didn’t detract from her beauty.

He eventually let a small smile tug at the corners of his lips, his expression soft as he returned his gaze to her amber colored eyes.

"You’re beautiful, Eleria. Truly."

She relaxed slightly.  That was one hurdle.  The other…well, that one wasn’t so easily shown in what she wore now.  He’d see her tail eventually, but for the immediate moment she’d keep it to herself.  

Reaching up she traced the curling path of one horn, grateful that they were small enough that she was able to hide them reasonably easily.  For obvious reasons, she and her father had a large collection of hats.

She looked down, a blush mantling her cheeks.  ”…thank you.”

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Arranged Marriage


As the newlyweds were shown inside and an array of fresh fruits and cheeses were laid out before them to accompany the wine that had already been poured for them, Eli found himself studying the room for a moment until everyone else left, a faint click announcing that he and Eleria had been locked in for the night to help ensure that things progressed the way they were supposed to.

With a deep sigh, he took a seat in one of the chairs by the fire after pouring himself a glass of water, wanting to keep his head clear for whatever was to come.

He couldn’t help but watch Eleria as she looked around the room, her gaze purposefully avoiding the bed much as his was, though he knew that no matter what, they both would end up there eventually tonight.

"Will you come sit with me, Eleria? We can talk, if you’d like?"

Like Eli, Eleria avoided the wine.  Anybody that knew her knew that she didn’t drink.  She hated the scent of alcohol and her nose was sensitive enough to pick it out of most beverages.  And she didn’t want to be muddled…especially tonight.   It was an uneasy enough time as it was.


After peeking into the bathroom, she returned to carefully sit down in one of the cushioned chairs.  She waited a moment before pulling the pins out of her dark hair, the black curls tumbling back down to her shoulders to frame her pale face.   Two curled shapes, nearly the same color as the hair that had covered them, remained in place.  

Silently she waited for his reaction, knowing from his expression that he had caught sight of the horns that were her birthright.   

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