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Arranged Marriage


He was quiet for a moment, his brows furrowing slightly as the memories came back to him.

"My sister… Got really sick." He finally answered a moment later, his voice quiet as he ran a hand through his curls.

"It was too much of a trip for the doctor’s to travel back and forth to take care of her, so we moved to townhouse in the city so she could get round-the-clock care. It was a shock for all of us, I assure you."

Large eyes watched him as he explained his reasoning for moving into the city.  She could imagine that what freedom he had experienced in the country had rather abruptly been curtailed.  After all the city was far more dangerous than a rural environment.

Her voice was quiet when she spoke, sensing the pain that still lay behind his words.  The pain of an abrupt uprooting and the sharp fear that a family member would be lost.  ”It must have been hard, Eli.”

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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)



"I won’t hurt her without reason.  And I didn’t ask what you were.  I asked who."  The man’s voice was cold, almost unfeeling as he watched the man before him.   ”What is your name?”

Eleria remained quiet, a frown on her face.  Something struck her as familiar but she couldn’t place what…

Eli felt his spine stiffen slightly at the icy tone he’d been addressed with, though did his best to not show how nervous the other man was making him.

He was worried that if he showed his true emotional state, it would be used against both him and Eleria.

"M-my name?" He finally managed to get out a moment later. "I-it’s Elijah."

The man rose to his feet to approach Eli, a small smile on his lips although his eyes remained flat. Ele could only tell that this man was amused.

"Are you afraid, Elijah?"  Eli’s stuttering was clue enough to tell him how nervous he was.

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Arranged Marriage


He returned her shy smile with a soft one of his own before settling into a more comfortable position on the floor, his legs stretched out before him and crossed at the ankle.

"It was relatively quiet at first," he started, his voice soft as he got started, his eyes focused on a point on the wall behind Eleria as he thought back. "But, I spent the first nine years of my life on a farm."

He felt a small hint of surprise from his companion and glanced over to her to see the feeling reflected in her amber eyes.

"My father didn’t want to expose my sister and I to the city life too soon, so we stayed at the country manor with my mother and he traveled back and forth every other weekend. I spent a lot of time climbing trees and reading books in the branches."

She supposed after that quiet early childhood the sudden shift to city life would be quite the culture shock.  She knew it would have been to her if she had suddenly been sent out to play the country lady.   Eleria considered the possibilities.  Had her mother been around she might have experienced a similar lifestyle.  As it was, Devil had never wanted his precious daughter far from him. 

"What changed to bring an end to that quiet?" She asked softly.  After all nine was still rather young to bring into the supposed sophistication of the city.

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Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


He’d known the question was coming before it was asked, and he darted a glance at Eleria just to make sure she was still okay before he answered.

"I-I’m her h-husband, yes." He murmured, hoping that the genuine affection he had for her was obvious in his eyes and would buy them a little more time.

"P-please, sir… Please d-don’t hurt her. I-I’ll do whatever y-you ask of me."

"I won’t hurt her without reason.  And I didn’t ask what you were.  I asked who."  The man’s voice was cold, almost unfeeling as he watched the man before him.   ”What is your name?”

Eleria remained quiet, a frown on her face.  Something struck her as familiar but she couldn’t place what…

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Things are really looking up. 

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

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Quest for Freedom (Eli and Ele)


Eli grimaced at the prick of the blade against his side, a snarl crossing his features as he took in the men that had accosted them. His attention immediately shifted to Eleria, checking her over for any immediate signs of injury though it looked as though for the moment she was okay.

His gaze shifted back to the man that held the knife to him, nodding gently at the command and doing his best to relax his muscles.

He couldn’t risk fighting them. Not here. Not with Eleria so easily in danger as well.

"We’ll follow you. Just… Please don’t hurt my wife, sir."

There was a startled silence and then a rough laugh.  ”We wouldn’t dream of it.”  Pushing Eli forward he motioned his compatriot to lead Eleria down a dim alley. 

Eleria for all that she was more or less helpless in this situation didn’t make a sound.  Regardless of what these men intended she knew better than to call attention to herself.  The Kings Guard was worse.

She stumbled after their captors, completely blind as she and Eli were taken through numerous back streets and the occasional sordid business building until they were stopped at a crossroads in the lower end of the city.  A large burly man stood watch and he shifted to confront those that approached. 

His eyes narrowed at the two that had accosted Eleria and Eli before stepping back and motioning them through to a door.  It was dark inside and a man with shaggy gray hair sat in a large chair before a blackened fireplace.

"We found her, sir." The man holding onto Eleria said. 

"I can see that," The older man turned to face them, his dark eyes flat. He lifted a hand and pointed to Eli.  "And who, are you?"

"He said he was her husband."

"I want him to answer," The leader growled before turning back to Eli.  "Well?"

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Arranged Marriage


He nodded, shifting into a more comfortable sitting position as he prepared himself to start talking.

But where to start?

He started chewing on his lower lip as he thought for a moment, his eyes momentarily shifting downwards as he tried to figure out where he was going to begin this story.

"W-was there anywhere that… That you wanted me to start?"

Where to start.  That was a good question.  Thrown together by political design, they had little time to accustom themselves to each other.  Eleria wasn’t entirely sure where she should start with him.  For all her social graces, they had been designed to keep people at arms length.  

Finally she spoke up quietly.  ”Tell me about where you grew up.  What your childhood was like.”  She offered a tentative almost shy smile.  ”I’d imagine it was a lot different than mine.”

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